Practice Areas

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Real Estate

  • Commercial and Residential Purchase Sale Agreements (e.g. breach of contract; fraud; negligent misrepresentation; failure to disclose; statutory violations)

  • Commercial Lease Disputes (e.g. rent increases; assignment and subletting)

  • Property Line Issues (e.g. fences; dividing walls; trees)

  • Encroachments and Trespass (e.g. building structures on another person’s land without legal right or permission; entry onto or causing entry onto another person’s land without legal right or permission) 

  • Easements, Licenses and Encroachment Agreements (e.g. use of another party’s property)

  • Quiet Title, Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements (e.g. disputes concerning ownership of or rights relating to real property)

  • Nuisance (e.g. conditions that are harmful to health, offensive to senses, or that interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property) 

  • Surface Water and Flooding From Runoff (e.g. disputes between uphill and downhill property owners concerning surface water)

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  • Disputes Between Partners, Shareholders and LLC Members (e.g. breach of fiduciary duty; fraud; usurpation of corporate opportunities; breach of contract)

  • Business Agreements – Vendors, Suppliers and Service Providers (e.g. breach of contract; fraud; indemnity) 

  • Disputes Involving Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements (e.g. breach of contract; fraud; accounting)

  • Promissory Notes – Default and Enforcement

  • Non-Compete Agreements – Enforcement Issues 

  • Unfair Business Practices and Misappropriation of Trade Secrets (e.g. injunctive relief)

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  • Wrongful Termination / Retaliation 

  • Discrimination / Harassment 

  • Employment Agreements / Severance Agreements

  • Wage and Hour

  • Labor Commissioner Hearings

  • Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH)

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

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Corporate Formation

  • Corporate Formation (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws)

  • Corporate Governance (Action by Consent, Resolutions, Minutes)

  • Shareholder Agreements